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Lemon is a Mediterranean citrus fruit appreciated for its fragrance and refreshing taste. Rich in vitamin C, it has formidable virtues.
Its ability to tone the immune system is widely recognized.

Below are some benefits of lemon on our health:

  1. Avoid cramps and fatigue during sports: Avoid cramps and fatigue during sport: during sports training, drinking water containing lemon is recommended because during physical exertion, the body naturally produces lactic acid in oxygen-deprived cells which, if it accumulates, it can cause muscle cramps and a feeling of tiredness. A lemon drink is energizing, detoxifying and alkalizing. It helps rehydrate and protect the body against acidity and mineral loss associated with sweating during exercise.
  2. Improves the body’s pH: The citrate in lemon restores the acid-base balance in our body. An overly acidic body is an unhealthy body, with acidity creating an environment for bacteria, disease and other yeasts to grow, which is made worse by pollution, stress and poor nutrition.