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Legendary spice, saffron is renowned for bringing joy and wisdom. It is therefore used against fatigue and overwork. Saffron helps digestion, strengthens the liver and helps limit excess cholesterol. It is still particularly effective in relieving babies during teething.

Virtues of saffron:

  • Tonic: saffron reduces fatigue and overwork. It also helps in recovery after sports.
  • Thanks to the safranal contained in its volatile parts. It improves sleep, fights stress and emotional fragility.
  • Saffron is known to ease menstrual periods.
  • Digestive: this spice strengthens the liver, notably reducing the effects of alcohol.
  • Saffron helps limit excess cholesterol.

Traditionally used in ancient cultures to mitigate:

Fatigue, overwork, physical recovery; stress, emotional fragility;menstrual periods and teething; excess cholesterol; Overweight (saffron is a satiety regulator).
Consumed regularly, it increases our immune defense (presence of provitamin A and antioxidants)